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Prof. Zoraia Benvenuti

The importance of being fluent in a foreign language, in this case English, is often overlooked, but when the need hits the door and new opportunities arise, non-fluency in an internacional language can be a barrier and  likely loss of this imminent opportunity that why many people ask themselves:  “Why did not I study English before, when I was young and had time?”

However, it is never too late to begin, just be willing and organized to achieve that goal. Starting with awareness of opportunities and benefits that will be achieved.

First, be aware about  many possibilities that fluency in English offers, and then choose the best way to achieve fluency.

Second, analyze whether your choice offers quality and commitment to your goal, never forgeting  to analyze the credibility and proven results of your choice.

Next, there is an international view of how fluency in English makes us part of the international universe and out of a rare reality in Brazil, where only 5% of all pollution speaks English fluently.

  1. International academic universe: undergraduate, postgraduate / MBA, master’s, doctorate / PHD in universities spread around the world or even in the country itself.
  2. Professional universe: promotions, international trade, multinationals and businesses.
  3. Travel: to business, tourism, congresses, lectures and international fairs.
  4. Immigration
  5. Break international barriers.
  6. Resolve international political disputes.
  7. International security.
  8. Understanding cultural differences.
  9. Understanding of the world’s sources of wealth and natural reserves, conflicts and international diplomatic issues, the need of promoting security and establish world`s peace, and the importance of international market union.
  10. Promote cultural and educational growth, increase opportunities in the labor market, training of the most disadvantaged population levels, technological developments in all areas, advances in health, improvements in transportation, communication and housing, and the participation of the political universe in the country itself.

In conclusion, time and opportunities pass quickly, the evolution of humanity is an obvious factor, inevitable poverty and international inequality, the integration of nations extremely necessary and personal growth a point of honor.

Zoraia Benvenuti da Silva

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